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  1. The running of life depends not on who starts first, but on the perseverance along the way. If you give up halfway, all your previous efforts will be in vain. Only by persisting in your efforts can you achieve the results you want.


  2. Being alone in clarity is better than being alone in the noisy crowd.


  3. Only by taking on the hardships of the journey can we ultimately hold onto the rainbow filled sky.


  4. Effort does not necessarily bring rewards, effort is worth it.


  5. There is only one path that cannot be chosen, which is the path of giving up; There is only one path that cannot be denied, and that is the path of growth.


  6. The reason why people can do it is because they believe in it.


  7. Some pain, I can't say it, so I can only endure it until it slowly fades away.


  8. Don't buy useless things even if they are cheap; Don't rely on someone you don't love, even when you're lonely.


  9. No matter what happened in the past, the best has never appeared.


  10. Where there is something, there is a way; Breaking through the fire and sinking the ship, the hundred and two Qin Pass will eventually return to Chu; A hardworking person, heaven never fails; Sleeping on firewood and tasting gall, three thousand Yue Jia can swallow Wu.


  11. As long as you do it, both losing and winning are exciting. Don't be afraid to move forward alone, and the sweet fruits will belong to you alone.


  12. Once you see through it thoroughly, your heart will clear up.


  13. There is no rehearsal in life, every day is a live broadcast. Positive energy, when the world puts heavy pressure on grass seeds, always has its own way to break through the soil.


  14. The secret to eternal success is to eliminate oneself every day. Just because you don't compete with others doesn't mean they won't compete with you. If you don't eliminate others, you will be eliminated by others. If you don't make progress while others make progress, it's like regressing. Pursuing stability is the beginning of waiting for death.


  15. It's not your abilities that determine your destiny, but your decisions that change your destiny. Thinking is a problem, doing is the answer. Standing or sitting still, just the audience.


  16. If you don't work hard, no one will help you. Do your own thing well, walk your own path well, no matter what age, don't let down your best self. The today you waste is the tomorrow that many people hope for. No matter what you are going through, you need to adjust your mentality.


  17. Even the smallest light is light, and it can be said that even the most ordinary people have those shining moments in their lives.


  18. I only realized the hardships after walking some roads. After climbing some mountains, I realized the difficulty. I only know how to trek after crossing some rivers. Only by crossing some obstacles can one know how to surpass. A new day has begun again, my friend, keep walking on the road.


  19. When tears run out, what remains should be strength.


  20. Forget about those unhappy things! You see, even the sunshine on this day is so bright and brilliant, striving to drive away your troubles and anxieties, hoping that your dark emotions will brighten up at this moment and embrace a perfect tomorrow.


  21. The first youth is given by God; The second youth is achieved through one's own efforts.


  In life, I am not the most welcomed, but I am also not the most annoying person. I don't belong to any kind of person. Buffett.


  23. Without doubt, one cannot see the truth. Li Siguang.


  24. After losing the lights, there is no need to panic, and you can still see the stars all over the sky.


  25. Believe in yourself. Don't judge yourself recklessly, nor entrust yourself to others for evaluation, let alone belittle yourself.


  26. May you be like that lime, the more others pour cold water on you, the more you boil.


  27. Disappointment often leads to missed opportunities, but it also reveals another highlight of oneself. Despite constant setbacks on the path of life, one can firmly believe that fate is just, and its justice lies in its merciless impact on a person while quietly fulfilling them on the other side. I saw a glimmer of light in an unfathomable well, trembling as I climbed up the wall step by step.


  Yesterday was an expired check, tomorrow is a credit card, only today is cash, so make good use of it.


  29. Think twice in everything, but what is more important than that is to act with careful consideration.


  There are many ways to make money, but if you can't find the seed to make money, you can't become a business owner.


  There are a total of four life test questions: academic, career, marriage, and family. Only with a high average score can one pass. Do not spend too much time and energy on any question.


  32. A person's success does not depend on their wisdom, but on their perseverance.


  33. Every kind of trauma is a kind of maturity.


  34. The barnyard grass enjoys the same treatment as a seedling, but it does not produce ears of grain. Pride is like a kite with a broken lead, fleeting. If saplings refuse to be pruned out of fear of pain, they will never become mature; The pebbles only become more beautiful and smooth after being honed by the sea.


  Youth is a radiance that can bring infinite passion, motivation, and creativity to people. Learn to be grateful, learn to give, learn to be tolerant, learn to take responsibility, success will always belong to you! I hope everyone can use their youth to achieve their dreams.


  36. Time doesn't really help us solve any problems, it just makes problems that we couldn't think of before no longer important. Life is not for you to compromise. The more you recoil, the less space you have for breathing.


  I can be defeated, but I will never allow myself to not get up.


  When the cold reaches its extreme, the sun is about to come.


  39. What determines fate is not a big opportunity that falls from the sky, but a small choice you make every minute. All the differences are only in that minute. Not regretting is better than doing three things well: first, knowing how to choose; The second is to understand how to persist; The third is to know how to cherish.


  A house built with building blocks may seem beautiful, but it can collapse unexpectedly. When you hold the sand in both hands, you must not be able to reach the pearl on the ground. Every kind of trauma is a kind of maturity.


  41. Opportunities are fair to everyone. When they are around us, they are not flashy in their attire, but rather ordinary and inconspicuous. The seemingly dazzling opportunity is not an opportunity, but a trap; True opportunities are initially simple, and only through initiative and diligence can they become particularly brilliant.


  42. Once the noise stops, the vast ocean stops breathing.


  43. Even if the road is rough and uneven, the wheels must move forward; Even in turbulent rivers, ships navigate.


  People who aspire to the mountaintop will not covet the scenery on the mountainside.


  Language should be like sunshine, capable of creating bright insights; Language, like flowers, can create fragrant thoughts; Language should be like clean water, capable of creating a clean concept.


  46. Even if there are a thousand reasons in life that make you cry, you still need to find one reason to make you laugh.


  47. If all the goals you have set for yourself have been achieved, it means that the goals you have set are not ambitious enough.


  48. No need to force yourself, the most beautiful things will always appear unintentionally.


  49. When you are too free, you have time to focus on meaningless things and moan about so-called pain without illness. Look at those busy people, their time is spent on effort.


  50. Some things are not necessarily the thicker the better, they should be just right. We speak deeply and shallowly, and we walk slowly along the long road.

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