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  1. Life is a mirror, life is what your heart is.


  2. If you want to win, you must not be afraid of losing. Not afraid of losing, the result may not necessarily be a win. But if you are afraid of losing, the result will definitely be a loss.


  3. In life, we are trying every day. We are moving towards success and savoring failure. Athletes who have walked through the ups and downs of their hearts, do not give up trying. Regardless of whether they fail or not, the important thing is your spirit of courage to participate. Behind the effort is victory, whether successful or not. We will always praise you, and you will always be our pride.


  4. Giving people money is the bottom line, giving them ability is the middle line, and giving them ideas is the top line. Wealth cannot buy good ideas, good ideas can exchange for billions of dollars in wealth. The world's largest market is in people's minds.


  5. Smile and embrace every day, be a warm woman like a sunflower.


  6. I walk slowly, but I never step back.


  7. There is no desperate situation in the world, only people who are desperate about their situation.


  8. Greetings don't necessarily have to be cautious, but they must be sincere and touching.


  9. There is no fate that can be conquered without contempt, endurance, and struggle.


  10. Set goals and then refine them into practical actions for each step. Time is the ultimate resource for everyone. Since everything will pass, we must seize the present. The power that hinders our flight comes from the fear within us.


  11. Love is like a fly playing with ants, not for a while.


  12. There is nothing in life that is not bitter, and there is nothing that is not tiring. Suffering is life, and tiredness is life. You either adapt or change yourself to become stronger. When you are strong, everything will become better.


  13. If you regret doing it, don't do it. Don't make decisions that you regret.


  14. When you stop, don't forget that others are still running behind; When you give up, don't forget that others are just one step ahead of you.


  15. If fate is the worst screenwriter in the world, then you must strive to be the best actor in your life.


  16. Everyone has more or less troubles, and truly powerful people are able to always smile and face the situation calmly. When facing difficulties, one must remain calm and steadfast, never giving up their fervent aspirations for the future, in order to continuously tap into the power to move forward.


  17. I want to try, try, try again. Obstacles are the detours on my path to success.


  18. Even if you fall, smile with courage.


  19. Life is a competition of countless nominations and eliminations. Whether nominated or eliminated, one should have a heart to surpass oneself, challenge oneself, and overcome oneself. And a spirit of unwillingness to fall behind and tenacious pursuit.


  20. Progress means that goals are constantly moving forward, stages are constantly updating, and its perspective is always constantly changing. Hugo.


  21. Life is a one-way road without a return journey. The people and events encountered during the days of life, as well as the joys, sorrows, feelings, and thoughts arising from these experiences, belong only to you and cannot be transferred to anyone, even the closest person, because this is your most precious wealth.


  22. No matter how old you are, give yourself time to read. No matter where you are, don't forget to work hard and move forward. In the future, you will always be slowly changed by those who don't give up.


  23. Your love for a day may bring a lifetime of gratitude to others.


  24. Perhaps God wants you to meet many wrong people before meeting the one who suits you, so when everything happens, you should be grateful.


  25. When a person frees themselves from their fears, they will feel incredibly happy and comfortable.


  26. People take action based on the value they give to things.


  27. It is the iron shoulders that can withstand the radiance.


  28. All victories are insignificant compared to the victories of conquering oneself. All failures, compared to losing oneself, are even more insignificant.


  29. A person lives and strives for a lifetime, but in the end, it will only be a dream and a mirror like scene. Tired by many things, my feet are locked in my heart by many things, and I cannot wave my happy arms. So, we should not be fixated on fleeting things, on anything external, let alone on everything that has already passed away.


  If you want to climb a peak, don't use a rainbow as a ladder. How can footsteps keep moving forward? Leave the footprints behind. No matter how steep the mountains are, they always leave a path for those who are not afraid of difficulties to climb.


  31. How many lonely moments have I experienced, how many unknown tears have I shed or endured? The most lonely moment is not when I am sad but when I am happy, there is no one to share. Fortunately, time is the gentlest thing in this world, making you believe that everything will get better and better, and making you more and more calm and composed. Over the years, it's only you who have accompanied you through the long years. Believe what you want, time will give you.


  32. Some wounds always hurt because you always touch them. In fact, everyone has a beautiful pearl in their heart, but it is never easily seen.


  33. In times of prosperity, remain calm; in times of adversity, remain calm. Conquering the world is not great, a person who can conquer themselves is the greatest person in the world. Hating others, but suffering oneself. The reason why people are ordinary is that they cannot surpass themselves.


  34. The ideal of life is for the sake of an ideal life. Zhang Wentian.


  35. Don't be angry and strive for success, don't see through and break through, don't be jealous and appreciate, don't procrastinate and be positive, don't be tempted and take action.


  A person can only unleash their maximum potential when they give their all.


  37. Without trust, friendship, emotions, and love, everything is worthless.


  38. Life is about eating soft and afraid of hard things. If you are weak, he will be strong, and if you are strong, he will be weak.


  Belief is an invincible blade. Climbing to the highest realm, you will suddenly realize that the scenery there is something you are accustomed to. You can walk as far as your gaze can see. Change yourself, challenge yourself, from now on.


  40. If there is nothing to refuse the first time, it is even less likely to refuse the second time. If you still want to refuse the second time, it is best to firmly refuse the first time. It is difficult to resist disasters if one cannot resist temptation. If the heart is the threshold, temptation is the front foot, and disaster is the back foot. Refusing others cannot be tolerated, being rejected by others cannot be forgotten.


  41. Although the glow of a firefly is faint, when it is bright, it challenges the darkness.


  42. Don't forget the past when you succeed; Don't forget that there is still a future when you fail.


  In the most ordinary life, humility and hard work. One day, you will stand in the brightest place, live as you desire, and believe in the hidden energy within yourself.


  44. We have nothing, our only capital is youth. Dreams make me different, struggles make me change my destiny.


  If your dream still stands, then no one can make you fall.


  46. Horses on soft ground are prone to slipping, while people who are greedy for comfort are prone to losing their determination.


  47. Only with harvest can the significance of cultivation be tested; Only by making contributions can one measure the value of life.


  48. Only after being covered in bruises and bruises did I realize that success is not about not working hard enough, it is about never giving up.


  49. It's not scary to have grievances and setbacks in life. Only when you truly overcome those things that make you feel wronged can you move forward. The road is winding, but it will eventually reach. The future is bright, as long as you persist in moving forward, you will definitely reach the pinnacle of brilliance.


  50. Change does not necessarily mean success, but success always comes with a change in life.

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