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  1. Climbing high and looking far is not to be seen by the whole world, but to see the whole world.


  2. Instead of worrying about the future, it's better to work hard now. Only through hard work can you feel secure.


  3. The greatest enemy of life is one's own cowardice.


  4. Conquering oneself can conquer everything.


  5. The past is memories, the present is hard work, and the future is goals.


  6. How can one be a little stronger without getting hurt time and time again.


  7. Swapping one apple for another still yields one apple, while exchanging one piece of information for another yields two pieces of information. The network has the principle of multiplication, and the exchange of information yields multiple benefits for both parties.


  8. Strength combined with confidence is a resilient and indestructible sword, and it is also the ticket to success. Strength determines success or failure.


  9. There is no oath of immortality, no unchanging commitment, embarking on a journey without hesitation.


  10. Men need to open up a world on their own.


  11. Laziness is a poor manufacturing factory.


  12. The reason why the waterfall is spectacular is because it has no escape route. We can only keep moving forward, even if it's a cliff ahead.


  13. Failure is not scary, it is a necessary path for every successful person. Only by treating failure correctly can we move towards success.


  14. If you are more persistent than others, you will create miracles.


  15. The spirit of doubt is an important component of scientific spirit.


  16. As long as life is still here, please believe that the sun every day is new. You never know what will happen tomorrow. If you meet the person you love today, you must tell them today: I love you, I love you very, very much. Even if he cannot respond to you with the same love, at least he is happy and joyful when he knows he is loved.


  17. Hard thinking has no hope, hard work has a promising future.


  18. Self love is the angel guarding life.


  19. There are so many things to do, just like sesame seeds scattered on the ground, I can't finish picking them up. Fortunately, God is merciful, he promises you the present. Darling, do you know how to do it? That is, don't wait any longer, from now on, complete each task one by one.


  20. Don't make excuses for failure, find methods for success.


  21. Take a good path when going out, speak good words at the exit, and do good deeds.


  22. Experience can make people more mature and help them understand the true meaning of happiness and sadness, as well as happiness and pain. In fact, people always taste the taste of happiness and pain after reaching the peak of happiness and then falling into the valley of misfortune, and only then can they understand that in this world, only loss is the most eternal.


  Life is like a cup of tea, it won't be bitter for a lifetime, but it will always be bitter for a while. Those who have aspirations aspire to succeed, while those without aspirations aspire to succeed. We must exchange what we have for what we don't have. No education can keep up with adversity.


  24. The rainbow after rain is more beautiful, and the life of hardship is more brilliant.


  25. Take a small step ahead at the start and a big step ahead in life.


  Diligence is the password of your life, which can translate into a magnificent epic. For climbers, losing the footsteps of the past is not a pity, but losing the direction of continuing in the past is very dangerous.


  27. Perhaps I am not the best, but I am the most hardworking.


  28. People without goals always strive for those with goals.


  29. Be firm and persistent when no one is paying attention. When people envy, their hearts remain calm.


  Everything now is weaving wings for future dreams, allowing them to soar in reality.


  31. Please take good care of your past passion and ideals. In this era of doubt, we still need faith. When we remove the stumbling blocks at the feet of others, perhaps we are paving the way for ourselves. Many times, it is oneself who dug a pit and jumped in without hesitation. The pit is dug by oneself, jumping is also done by oneself, and the one who cannot climb out in the end is also oneself.


  32. The road ahead is still far away, and you may cry, but you must walk on and never stop.


  33. Even in the dirtiest toilets in London basements, there will still be the cleanest water flowing through.


  34. If you believe in your ability, you will have endless vitality; If you think you are no longer capable, you will feel mentally drained.


  35. Throughout one's life, there is no constant bitterness or eternal pain; There are no obstacles that cannot be overcome, no levels that cannot be overcome.


  36. Give up silently, leave quietly, and search for your own sky.


  37. As long as you stand up one more time than falling down, it is a success. If the enemy makes you angry, it means you haven't had the confidence to defeat them yet. If you firmly believe that you are the best, then you are the smartest Regret is an emotion that consumes energy. Regret is a greater loss than loss, a greater mistake than error, so don't regret.


  Once there is no hope, life will come to an end. The concrete manifestation of hope is desire, which forms specific goals and practical motivation, and makes oneself happy to complete it, happy to achieve it, and thus create a happy life.


  39. Ambition does not come in age, reason does not come in loud voice; Heart is not in words, talent is not in immediate use.


  Every minute is a dawn, every challenge is an opportunity, every adversity is a test, and every good deed is a creation.


  The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up and continue working hard.


  42. Youth, what hardships are we afraid of! You need to give what kind of life you want.


  43. Excellent people have a period of silence. During that time, I put in a lot of effort, endured loneliness and solitude, didn't complain or complain, and when I talk about it in the future, even I can be moved by the days. Be down-to-earth, everything you want will be returned to you by time.


  A person who can only walk on cement ground will never leave deep footprints.


  45. Please treat effort as a habit, not a three minute heat. Every harvest you envy is achieved through hard work and dedication.


  46. If you want to step out of the shadows, turn your face towards the sunshine; If you want to bid farewell to cowardice, then let your heart slowly strengthen through experience; If you want to break free from an ordinary life, then strive to soar proudly.


  47. The most precious thing in life is time. The most brilliant thing in life is career. The happiest thing in life is to strive.


  48. As long as we can dream, we can achieve it.


  Perseverance in achieving success is more important than perseverance in facing failure.


  50. Living with pride is what each of us should do.

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