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  1. You have to strive for what you love on your own. In these days, being soft is not a good skill. Independence is the key. Don't always rely on others, let alone expect them to stand up when you need them. After all, none of you belong to anyone, and loving yourself depends on yourself.


  2. You are not brave, no one is strong for you.


  3. Without reefs, there would be no beautiful waves; Without setbacks, there can be no magnificent life.


  4. Children without umbrellas must learn to run hard.


  5. Maturity is not about the heart getting old, but about maintaining a smile even when tears roll in your eyes.


  6. A person who can see things from the perspective of others and understand their spiritual activities never has to worry about their own future.


  7. Don't think about what you don't want, otherwise you will definitely get it; Think about what you want, so you will also get it. In fact, in life, one should always pay attention to what they want, rather than always paying attention to what they fear.


  8. Poverty leads to change, and poverty leads to diligence! There are no mountains higher than humans, and no roads longer than feet.


  9. How can we satisfy everyone's wishes, but strive for a clear conscience.


  10. Attitude determines everything, strength safeguards dignity! People need to withstand temptation and loneliness.


  11. Doing the right thing is more important than doing it right.


  12. In the world, the only thing that cannot be deceived is your own heart, which always exposes your joys and sorrows when you are least vigilant.


  13. Everyone has at least one dream and a reason to be strong.


  14. Devote everything to love, work wholeheartedly, and play seriously.


  15. Firm one's determination, bitter one's heart, diligent one's strength, no matter how big or small, one must achieve success.


  16. No matter how the world treats you, please continue to work hard, be brave, and be full of hope. All the unwillingness in life is because you still hold onto your dreams. Before you give up, give it a good fight, afraid of old age and long road ahead. You should know that not everything is destined to succeed, but everything is worth trying.


  17. Tell yourself once a day, I'm really good.


  18. In the end, you can become whatever you believe. Because the two most terrifying words in the world, one is persistence and the other is seriousness. Serious people change themselves, persistent people change their destiny. Give a thumbs up to yourself who is serious and persistent.


  19. People who are worse than me haven't given up yet, and those who are better than me are still working hard. I have no right to say that I am powerless.


  20. The heights that great men reach and maintain are not achieved by flying, but by climbing up step by step with great difficulty while their companions are all asleep.


  21. Just because someone doesn't love you as much as you want, doesn't mean you're not loved by others.


  When you see someone without a right hand, you won't complain about which birthmark is on your right hand.


  The belief in success plays a role in the human brain like an alarm clock, waking you up when you need it.


  24. Tears are the most valuable for women who don't cry easily.


  25. As long as the road is right, there is no fear of the distance.


  26. Everyone's path to success may not be the same, but I believe that success requires every person who wants to succeed to work hard and strive. Every path to success is full of obstacles, and only those who firmly believe in their goals, constantly strive and strive can achieve ultimate success. But one thing I firmly believe is that when you can move yourself to tears, you succeed.


  27. Learn to forget the pain and make room for sunny memories.


  28. Learn to be strong and be a camel that never cries in the desert.


  29. Success is simplifying complex problems and then working hard to solve them.


  People who are surrounded by the period of life cannot take a step forward.


  Opportunities will not proactively find you, you must reveal yourself.


  32. Don't give up on your dreams, at least miracles happen every day.


  Life is already very difficult, there is no need to crave the understanding and recognition of others in everything, live your own life quietly. If the heart remains still, what can the wind do. If you don't hurt, time will be safe. Life is four things: come by chance, go by necessity, take it for granted, let it be.


  34. You will never know how strong you are until one day you have no choice but to be strong.


  35. I would rather work hard for a while than work hard for a lifetime.


  36. As long as you aim in the big direction and persevere, you can clear the obstacles in front of your dreams and achieve a beautiful life blueprint.


  37. The current progress and decline are both accumulations, and they will silently pave the way for you.


  The meaning of living is not to have worry about food and clothing, but to have the courage to do things you dare not do and try life that you have never tried before.


  39. If you are awake, then you should be awake; If you are asleep, then you are considered to be in a deep sleep. If you are doing one thing, you should not consider other things. If your hands are here, then your thoughts should also be here at the same time. If you start taking action, don't hesitate.


  Many things are often difficult not because they are difficult, but because we dare not do them.


  No matter how the world treats you, please continue to work hard, be brave and full of hope.


  42. Every hardship is God's test for us. He is always watching us, watching whether we can still maintain our originally kind nature after experiencing countless heartache and pain.


  43. Life is full of ups and downs, which are inevitable. However, no matter how many times you fall, you must stand up strong again.


  44. You will have a certain kind of life based on the path you choose. Life is not a game, we don't have many opportunities to choose from. Since you have chosen, you must grit your teeth and persist in walking.


  45. Don't demand yourself with too general requirements, and don't care too much about things that are too general. Having lofty aspirations is the beginning of all beautiful and brilliant futures.


  People who believe in their own abilities can accomplish anything.


  Brave, the world will make concessions. If sometimes you are defeated by it, be brave and brave again and again, and it will yield.


  48. Remember, don't slack off, don't expect, don't rely on, just stand firm for me.


  If you don't work hard, no one can give you the life you want; Dreams won't run away, it's always oneself who runs away.


  50. Genuine and elegant, the teacher who brings benefits is your teacher.

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