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  1. Don't be discouraged by yesterday's mistakes, as long as you do what you did today, you are the best.


  2. Children without umbrellas must learn to run hard.


  3. What you see at home is always home, what you see outside is the world. Put money in front of you and you will always see money. Put money in a useful place and you will see the world of money.


  4. Experience is important, but the correctness of ideas plays a decisive role. Experience can only do what is readily available, while ideas determine the long-term direction. The mindset is higher than work experience.


  5. There is no rehearsal in life, every day is a live broadcast.


  6. Friends are the way, home is the tree. Don't get lost, lean on the tree.


  7. I would rather run and be knocked down countless times than follow the rules for a lifetime. Even if you fall, smile bravely.


  8. The reason why a great man is great is because when he is in adversity with others, they lose confidence, but he is determined to achieve his goals.


  9. You are not strong, no one is brave for you.


  10. Don't envy others, because you don't know how much you will get next second.


  11. One detail is enough to change a life. What cannot be obtained is always the best, lost relationships are always unforgettable, and lost people are always unforgettable. The fundamental difference between successful and mediocre individuals is whether they have a goal or not.


  12. Life should learn to precipitate, experience, mood, and oneself.


  13. Without tenacious and meticulous labor, even talented people can become useless playthings like embroidered pillows.


  14. Forget about the past and start over.


  15. Mood is a river, and its state depends on its depth. Deep water is quiet, shallow water is noisy. If the mind is too small, even small stones can stir up waves of emotion; Only with a large heart can we accommodate hidden reefs.


  16. The more you do it right, the more people will talk about you behind your back; The better you live, the more people will mock you behind your back; The stronger you become, the more people will attack you from behind. But what does it matter? As long as you live a peaceful life, it is enough for yourself and your family to be happy every day.


  17. Without raising a step, one cannot cross the fence; Without stepping on one's legs, one cannot climb high mountains.


  18. Only by sitting down lonely can one regain the hustle and bustle; Only by passing through all the sadness can we see the joy again; Taste all the bitterness and it will naturally return to sweetness. Believe these, you can more confidently face the valleys of life and walk through the storms of the four seasons. The speaker is casual, but life is a long process, every inch of time must be experienced by oneself, and every cup of rain and dew must be tasted by oneself.


  19. The best gift we offer to youth is struggle.


  20. What is love? It makes people feel at a loss and captivating. When facing love, be brave and speak out your love boldly. If there are flowers, you must break them straight. Don't wait until there are no flowers. People always have birth, aging, illness, and death. How to live is a lifetime. If you miss love, you will miss the brilliance of life.


  21. Instead of cursing with a blushing face and neck, it's better to use an elegant way to look more polite.


  22. We always think that something we cannot get is beautiful because you know too little about him and don't have time to spend with him. One day, when you delve deeper into it, you will find that it is not as beautiful as you imagine.


  23. All victories are insignificant compared to the victories of conquering oneself; All failures are even more insignificant compared to the failure to lose oneself.


  24. Our youth is not afraid of failure, and there is no failure. If you feel like you have failed, then you must have given up, so even if you are afraid of the future, you must have confidence in yourself and move forward courageously. Fight for your dreams while we are still young.


  25. The past is gone forever. Smart people think about the present and future, and have no time to think about the past.


  26. Selling the world's number one product is not cars, but oneself. Before you can successfully sell yourself to others, you must sell yourself 100% to yourself.


  27. A drop of honey can catch more flies than a gallon of bile.


  28. As long as the skill is deep, an iron rod can be ground into a needle. There is nothing that one cannot do, only things that one does not want to do. The most important thing is not to look at things that are blurry in the distance, but to do things that are clear at hand.


  29. The determination of goals is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and also one of the tools of success.


  30. As long as you stand up one more time than fall down, it is success.


  If you settle for the status quo, the passion for struggle will gradually lose. Only those who are not satisfied with their current situation can become wealthy and truly successful.


  32. Flowers bloom only once in a year with all their strength, beautiful and fleeting, just like youth. The difference is that flowers have many years, but we only have one lifetime. Our strongest opponent may not necessarily be others, but may be ourselves! Before surpassing others, one must first surpass oneself.


  33. It is not because there is hope that one strives, but because one strives, one can see hope.


  34. In the future, you will definitely be grateful for yourself who is striving hard now.


  35. In life, there is only joy in moving forward on a curve, not success in a straight line. Only by cherishing today can we have a beautiful tomorrow; Only by grasping today can we have a more brilliant tomorrow.


  36. Follow reason and have courage; To follow one's feelings, one must have the determination to pour all their energy into it.


  37. Remember, believe in miracles.


  Diligence and wisdom are twins, while laziness and foolishness are siblings. You exchange 100% effort and success for nothing without a deal. The failures of millions of people are all due to incomplete work, often ending with just one step away from success.


  39. Our lives cannot always be free from regrets or mistakes, but if we often visit the elderly version of ourselves, we are unlikely to miss out on what we should do when we come into this world.


  Life is so simple, you don't have to worry about others' comments, go your own way, and do your own thing. Life is so simple, you don't need to pay attention to others' eyes, do your best, sweat your own sweat. Those who truly care about you in life are the ones who don't need to complain too much, as it makes you too tired. Don't try to please too much, it will lose you. Just act with a conscience.


  If the building of a career lacks the backbone of perseverance, it can only be a castle in the air.


  42. Passing through the path of the clouds, only kissing the climber's footsteps.


  43. Don't give up! When you give up for the first time, your life will become accustomed to letting go despite difficulties. However, if you overcome the past, your life will become accustomed to moving forward in the face of the wind and waves. It may seem like a simple choice, but it has a huge impact and can lead you towards a completely different life.


  44. Don't compare yourself to others, but strive to surpass yourself. If you want to cry, cry with excitement, and if you want to laugh, smile with a growing personality.


  45. Dreams are a desire, thinking is an action. Dreams are the crystallization of dreams and thoughts.


  46. Although the sun has black spots, it has established a shining image in its vigorous combustion.


  47. Don't be discouraged, don't panic. Be a snail trying to climb or a foolish bird persevering in flight. We try to grow up, stumble all the way, and then get bruised all over. Persist, one day you will stand in the brightest place and live as you once longed for.


  48. Don't be afraid of the hardships you are experiencing now, they will become your proud capital in the future.


  49. Remember, don't always remind yourself of the misfortunes you encounter. You should know that there are many people in this world who are even more unfortunate than you. As long as you can look up and see the sunshine, you are lucky. A person can only live in the heart prison they have set for themselves. Only positive and upward sentiments can make life better. I believe that tomorrow will be better than today, as long as you work hard, You will have everything you want.


  50. You must persevere on the path you choose, and there is no need to complain about the hardships along the way.

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