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  1. Give yourself more love and more confidence in life. As long as today is better than yesterday, it is the best luck on the way.


  2. No matter how high the sky is, tiptoe is closer to the sun.


  3. Don't give up! Once you give up for the first time, your life will be used to retreat from difficulties. But if you overcome the past, your life will be used to advancing against the wind and waves. It looks like a simple choice. In fact, it has a great impact and is a different life.


  4. There is no oath of immortality, no unchanging commitment, and no turning back on the journey.


  5. Failure does not mean that you are poor, but reminds you that you should work hard.


  6. Dreams, not to be realized, are only dreams after all.


  7. Action is the cure for fear, while hesitation and delay will nourish fear.


  8. Only with vision can there be realm, only with strength can there be charm, only with ideas can there be a way out, and only with achievements can there be status. Politics comes from right, wisdom comes from knowledge, wealth comes from talent, and position comes from right.


  9. Use actions to control emotions, and don't let emotions control actions; Let the mind enlighten wisdom, not let the ear dominate the mind. The difference between people is mainly between the two ears.


  10. Set out with a grateful heart, learn to love, love parents, love yourself, love friends, love others.


  11. There is only one way you can't choose - the way you give up; There is only one way you can't refuse - that is the way to grow.


  12. Remember what you got and forget what you paid.


  13. Don't buy useless things no matter how cheap they are; Don't rely on people who don't love.


  14. Look up at the light of hope when you are in despair.


  15. The impossible may come true today, and the impossible may come true tomorrow.


  16. Without tenacious and careful work, even talented people will become useless playthings like embroidered pillows.


  17. Every road is hard to walk, but once you choose it, you must go on.


  18. On the way to success, as long as you work hard, success will be closer and closer to you.


  19. Facing the setbacks and tribulations in life, we should not only have courage, but also have strong faith.


  20. If you don't move, you can't cross the fence; You can't climb high mountains without stepping on your legs.


  21. Every private effort will be shown in front of the public.


  22. Children without umbrellas must learn to run hard.


  23. Success lies not in time, place and environment, but in people themselves. Charles Rauss [US].


  24. A person who is good at asking questions is like attacking a firm wood. The person who is easy first, and the person who is strict with himself later, and the person who is good at asking questions for a long time, can be explained in the same way. Those who are not good at asking questions will do the opposite. Learning Records.


  25. As long as life is still there, please believe that the sun is new every day. You never know what will happen tomorrow. If you meet the person you love today, you must tell him today: I love you, I love you very much. Even if he can't respond to you with the same love, at least he is happy and happy when he knows he is loved.


  26. Workers use both hands, helmsmen use both hands and brains, artists use both hands, brains and hearts, and salesmen only cooperate with both hands, brains, hearts and feet.


  27. When you hold the sand in both hands, you must not get the pearl on the ground.


  28. People will take actions according to the value they give to things.


  29. Stocks may rise and fall, but stocks marked with confidence will make you rise and fall forever.


  30. Don't just envy others, but forget to applaud yourself.


  31. If you don't work hard when you are young, you will feel sad when you are old. The road to success is full of thorns. Only through hard work can we succeed. Give me a fulcrum, I can support the earth. No pains, no gains.


  32. If you want to dig a well, dig it until the water comes out.


  33. Diligence leads to idleness, and practice leads to thinking and destruction.


  34. Only creation is real enjoyment, and only struggle is full life. Those who dare to declare war against the darkness must be filled with light in their hearts. Lofty ideals are like flowers growing on high mountains. If we want to succeed in it, hard work is the rope to climb.


  35. The reason why people are ordinary is that they cannot surpass themselves.


  36. Noble ideals are like flowers growing on high mountains. If we want to succeed in it, hard work is the rope to climb. Action is a good cure for fear, while hesitation and delay will nourish fear.


  37. Life will always give you the answer, but it will not tell you everything immediately. As long as you are willing to wait, the beauty of life will always come when you don't expect it.


  38. Fear of failure and dare not give it a shot. It will never succeed. Don't drill into sadness when you are unhappy. Think about the day when there is laughter. We can't, often not because we can't, but because others say we can't.


  39. There is no director in life, but everyone of us, like actors, performs earnestly in order to conform to the plot. No matter whether there are grains of rice on other people's faces, please look in the mirror first. Believing that belief can overcome everything is in itself the greatest belief.


  40. Only creation is real enjoyment, and only struggle is full life.


  41. Life can only really increase the thickness of life and understand the true meaning of life after experiencing various hardships and tortures.


  42. Life has never been truly hopeless. No matter how hard he has suffered, no matter how much suffering he has experienced, as long as a person still has a seed of faith in his heart, then one day he will be able to get out of the predicament and let his life blossom and bear fruit again.


  43. Everyone has potential abilities that are not clear to himself. No matter who it is, at the critical moment, it is often easy to solve the problems that were considered extremely impossible before.


  44. Action does not necessarily bring happiness, and no action will never bring happiness.


  45. I hope I can be stronger. All parties no longer expect to be kind, but have the ability to make everything better.


  46. Others' doubts are the driving force for my progress. I can prove myself one day. Too many people want to change the world, but few want to change themselves. In fact, if you change your mind, you can change your world. Heart is the root of everything.


  47. When you feel difficult, tell yourself: hold on a little longer, and don't let go of the hardships and hardships you have experienced.


  48. The strong reveal to people the value of life, while the weak reveal to people the suspicion of life.


  49. Faith is to people what wings are to birds. Faith is to fly.


  50. When I see the bright sunshine above my head, it is my concern for you.

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